Our Services

Installation of Walk-in Freezer and Chiller

Installation of Cold Storage

Installation of PVC Plastic Curtain

Air-con Installation and Repair

Electrical Works

Ducting Works

Installation of sandwich panel for warehouse and clean room

Installation and Repair of Insulated Door for Cold Storage and Clean Room

Distributor of Sandwich Panel All Over the Philippines (PU, PIR, & EPS for Walling, Ceiling, Flooring & Partition)

        • Supply and of/and installation of Cold storage and walk-in Freezer/Chiller
        • Supply and installation of Refrigeration unit
        • Supply and installation of Air condition unit
        • Supply and installation of Sandwich Panel(PU/PIR/EPS) (Polyurethane/Polyisocyanurate/Expanded Polystyrene) forWalling, Ceiling, Flooring and Partition
        • Supply and Installation of PVC Plastic Curtain
        • Installation of “WAREHOUSE” Insulated
        • Insulated Wall, Roof and cladding
        • Insulated Door for warehouses and cold storage
        • Temperature Controlled Warehouse for Walling, Ceiling and Roofing
        • Air-con / Refrigeration Installation, Cleaning and Repair
        • Industrial Brine
        • Ice Machine Industrial
        • Ice Crusher
        • Ducting Works
        • Electrical works