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Walk-in Chillers & Freezers

  • Ideal for large commercial kitchens in need of high-volume storage space is a walk-in cooler or freezer. Walk-in coolers will carry anything from leftovers and beef to produce and ingredients. Using a walk-in freezer to store ingredients and food in a long-term frozen way.

Cold Storage

  • A cool store or cold store is a large refrigerated room or building built to store products under the outside temperature, in an environment. Fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat are all things that require refrigeration. Cold stores are also situated near ports used to import / export goods.

Insulated Door

  • Swing Door

    A swing door is the ideal type of door to ensure fast passage between two areas. You can operate the door hands free; the door closes automatically behind you. This is why this type of door is often installed in kitchens and hospitals.

  • Sliding Door

    The insulated sliding door was designed to allow staff and carts to enter cold storage.

Sandwich (PU/PIR/EPS) Panel

  • Polyurethane (PUR)

    Polyurethane is the durable foam which is formed by combining 'polyol and isocyanate' main components with catalyst materials under high pressure and special manufacturing conditions. Ensuring superior thermal insulation by the closed structure of the cell, polyurethane has high dimensional flexibility, and does not absorb water. It contains no bacteria.

  • Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

    A new macromolecular structure called polyisocyanurate is formed as the main components of the polyurethane foam chemically react at varying concentrations of the mixture. Polyisocyanurate rigid foam is the form of polyurethane with higher, better fire-resistance due to the shape variety. The smoke production is very weak in the case of a fire, compared to polyurethane.

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

    Expanded polystyrene is a petroleum derivative, and a thermoplastic substance. First, the polystyrene raw material which has a micro-granular shape is heated and filled with water vapor. EPS is the most cost-efficient and lightweight portion of thermal insulation of any kind.

Refrigeration Unit

As far as the energy field is concerned, the term ‘refrigeration unit’ can be defined as refrigeration unit: reduces temperature by means of a mechanical process. Electricity The engine is powered by a typical refrigeration unit, which operates a pump to compress the refrigerant in order to maintain proper pressure. (A ‘refrigerant’ is a material that varies between liquid and gaseous states under appropriate temperature and pressure conditions.) The heat from the compressed liquid is collected and discharged from the device, and the refrigerant evaporates when the pressure is reduced. The coolant absorbs heat as it evaporates and repeats the cycle by returning to the compressor.

  • Compressor

    A refrigerator compressor is the cooling cycle. The pump regulates the movement of the refrigerant, adding energy to the coolant that heats up it. Furthermore, before it is sent to the condenser to maintain lower pressure and lower temperature, the compressor removes vapor from the evaporator.

  • Condenser

    The central air conditioning condenser is typically fitted with a heat exchanger to refrigerate and condense incoming coolant steam, a compressor to increase and move the refrigerant pressure, and an air fan to blow outside to refresh the coolant inside the heat exchanger portion.

  • Evaporator

    Evaporator: the component of the cooling system. The evaporator is placed in the cold zone when the heat is trapped (not necessary) in the cooling system. A flux controller can test and release the coolant into the compressor system. The evaporator is a finished tube that absorbs air heat via a spiral.

PVC Curtains

In industrial workplaces, PVC strip curtains are used for a wide range of purposes. PVC has excellent thermal insulation properties because it is air- and water-tight.


The system works as well as a sound absorbed and a noise insulator that protects workers against excessive noise levels that might lead to fatigue and communication misunderstandings.

  • Thermal Insulation Sound Reduction UV Stabilized with Ribbed

    A clear strip with raised ribs, Ribbed PVC is also known as an offset twin-strip. These ribs help to keep strips lighter and prevent the strips from sticking together. If the device moves around the vinyl bands, it first affects the bands so that the flat part of the band doesn't wear down as much. That prolongs the strip’s life and clarity to up to 20% longer than smooth PVC and is ideal for heavy traffic.

  • Anti-Static PVC Curtain

    Anti-static PVC is a static (anti-static) material with high dissipation. Sparks and any other damage caused by static electric charges are avoided. In various applications such as the explosive atmosphere (mining, chemical sites, laboratories etc.) or static electric sensitive areas (data center, electronic parts manufacturing, packaging, etc.), doors and partitions can be used against static lanes.

  • Anti-Insect PVC Curtain

    Specifically for doors and partitions that meet insects, Anti-insect PVC STOPINSECT is recommended. It will effectively repel insects in areas such as schools, medical centers, workshops, shops, public buildings and private homes and will help prevent the penetration. They will prevent the entry into the country.

  • Standard Clear PVC Curtains

    For all types of projects it is therefore excellent to refer to standard PVC strips as clear, ordinary and standard. This towel offers the best visibility of any type of strip and makes it easy to see who or what is on the various side. This helps to prevent damage or damage of machinery by unintentional employees.

  • Freezer Grade PVC Curtain

    Low temperature Strip Doors in cold environments (also referred to as polar or freezer grade). The bands are flexible and resist breakage and cracking in applications at lower temperatures. In outdoor applications, freezer-grade PVC strips are also common, where temperatures fall below freezing.

PVC Accessories